New Dining Spot: ABRACO Bistro & Bar - 04/04/2017

Kebayoran Baru, has long been considered as one of the greenest areas in Jakarta. Barito in particular, is even more so with two city parks located pretty much right across each other. Taman Langsat that has recently gone massive face lift, with functioning jogging track, reflexology rock path, park benches, and some new ponds and open plaza area, and Taman Ayodya, a small but beautiful circular park with a fountain pond in the middle that attracts people of all ages throughout the day.

One suggested way of enjoying this two parks, is by gazing in the comfort of ABRACO, a brand new restaurant located in the equally new La Maison apartment building that sits nicely in a corner across Ayodya park. In addition of the two parks, from this spot, you will also get a clear view of the busy Barito intersection; a nice spot to traffic-watch all day long.

ABRACO has quite the menu to offer your park or people watching activity; it mostly consists of crowds favorite mix of some western, Asian, and of course Indonesian items. For my visit, I tried one from each food category. For appetizer, the Honey Togarashi Chicken Wings (95k) was the choice. Not like the name might imply, the wings are not particularly really sweet but more to the sour and spicy side, with a tad hint of fishy of Asian fish sauce.


The server recommended one of apparently ABRACO’s best seller, the Spaghetti Jambal (75k) which is basically a little-spicier-than-normal aglio oglio spaghetti (al dente on point), with finely chopped salted jambal fish, a very Indonesian item that adds a very strong umami flavor to the dish.


If traditionally we’ve heard of the quatro fromaggio pizza, using four different types of cheese, Abraco takes it up to the next level with their Five Cheeses Pizza (140k): with italian blue cheese, Gorgonzola, Emmental, classic mozarella, Italian grana padano (very similar to Parmesan), and cheddar. While their other pizzas, including the Mushroom Pizza that we tried, all used a base of four cheeses, as well as home made heirloom tomato sauce.



From the Indonesian line of food, I was recommended the Rawon Buntut (125k) served with the classic pair of salted egg, sambal terasi, sprouted beans, and melinjo crackers. Coming from a western style restaurant, I’m quite impressed by how proper the rawon is. The broth is thick and flavorful and the oxtail fall-off-the-bone succulent, sign of a thorough slow cook process.


After the meal, I also tried their simple panacotta (40k) that was topped with home-made strawberry compote, and also their mocktails: the refreshing Berry Family (50k) and the Honey Dew Lychee Crush (50k) that served in glasses so tall, I could’ve probably shared one with two people!



The restaurant sports a modern classic vibe with the use of a lot of warm colors, especially bright orange, without overusing it. As displayed in the splash of hand-drawn illustration behind the bar. Despite only in business for a few months now, ABRACO has attracted quite the crowd for a Thursday afternoon.





Abraco also has an extensive breakfast menu you can try everyday, as they are open as early as 7 am every day. But anytime you come in to this place, a great view is a guaranteed.

ABRACO Bistro & Bar
Jl. Barito I No.56, RT.4/RW.4, Kramat Pela, Kby. Baru, Kota Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta 12130
Phone: (021) 80658181
Hours: 7AM–10PM

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